Kevin Karsch

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I'm currently at Amazon Devices (Lab126) working on a zero-to-one product where I lead the software and applied science teams. Previously, I co-founded Lightform and headed the engineering and research organizations. We built and shipped three AR hardware products and content creation software, including a number of advancements in projected AR, such as Project LFX.

Early on, I spent time at Adobe Research, Microsoft Research, and a few other computer vision focused startups. I completed my PhD at UIUC advised by David Forsyth and Derek Hoiem.


Lightform was a VC backed hardware startup in San Francisco. We shipped three generations of hardware and software products. Our products enabled projected AR applications with no experience required, at a fraction of the cost of competing systems.

I managed the technical leadership team. We were responsible for developing and supporting our products, as well as company research and IP.

2021 - Project LFX

2020 - LF2+ Launch Video

2019 - LFC and LF2 Launch Video

2018 - LF1 Launch Video


Lightform: Procedural Effects for Projected AR

Brittany Factura, Laura LaPerche, Phil Reyneri, Brett Jones, Kevin Karsch

SIGGRAPH (Emerging Tech) 2018

video | bibtex

Integrating videos with LIDAR scans for virtual reality

Giang Bui, Brittany Morago, Truc Le, Kevin Karsch, Zheyu Lu, Ye Duan

VR 2016


Automatic Scene Inference for 3D Object Compositing

Kevin Karsch, Kalyan Sunkavalli, Sunil Hadap, Nathan Carr, Hailin Jin, Raphael Fonte, Michael Sittig, David A. Forsyth

TOG 2014 (Presented at SIGGRAPH 2014)

video | supplemental | slides | data | bibtex

Blind Recovery of Spatially Varying Reflectance from a Single Image

Kevin Karsch, David A. Forsyth

SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Workshop on Indoor Scene Understanding (best paper)

supplemental | slides | bibtex

Depth Extraction from Video Using Non-parametric Sampling

Kevin Karsch, Ce Liu, Sing Bing Kang

ECCV 2012 (oral presentation)

This paper is subsumed by the journal version (Depth Transfer - TPAMI'14)

Snaxels on a plane

Kevin Karsch, John C. Hart

NPAR 2011 (best paper honorable mention)

code | video | slides | bibtex

User interface design for military AR applications

Mark A. Livingston, Zhuming Ai, Kevin Karsch, Gregory O. Gibson

VR 2011


Semi-automatic 3D segmentation of brain structures from MRI

Qing He, Kevin Karsch, Ye Duan

Int J Data Min Bioinform


Shape analysis of corpus callosum in phenylketonuria using a new 3D correspondence algorithm

Qing He, Shawn E. Christ, Kevin Karsch, Dawn Peck, Ye Duan

SPIE Medical Imaging 2010


Shape analysis of corpus callosum in autism subtype using planar conformal mapping

Qing He, Ye Duan, Xiaotian Yin, Xianfeng Gu, Kevin Karsch, Judith Miles

SPIE Medical Imaging 2009


Detecting 3D Corpus Callosum abnormalities in phenylketonuria

Qing He, Shawn E. Christ, Kevin Karsch, Amanda J. Moffitt, Dawn Peck, Ye Duan

Int J Comput Biol Drug Des 2009


Detecting corpus callosum abnormalities in autism subtype using planar conformal mapping

Qing He, Ye Duan, Xiaotian Yin, Xianfeng Gu, Kevin Karsch, Judith Miles

Int J Numer Meth Biomed Engng 2009


Web based brain volume calculation for magnetic resonance images

Kevin Karsch, Brian Grinstead, Qing He, Ye Duan

EMBC 2008


Import of Gamma Knife Model C treatment plans into CERR

Robert Drzymala, Kevin Karsch, James Alaly, Divya Khullar, Yu Wu, Joseph Deasy

Medical Physics 2008



Method for augmenting a scene in real space with projected visual content

Kevin Karsch, Rajinder Sodhi, Brett Jones, Pulkit Budhiraja, Phil Reyneri, Douglas Rieck, Andrew Kilkenny, Ehsan Noursalehi, Derek Nedelman, Laura LaPerche, Brittany Factura

Patent No. US10373325B1

System and methods for augmenting surfaces within spaces with projected light

Rajinder Sodhi, Brett Jones, Kevin Karsch, Pulkit Budhiraja, Phil Reyneri, Douglas Rieck, Andrew Kilkenny

Patent No. US10805585B2

Conversion of a digital stereo image into multiple views with parallax for 3D viewing without glasses

Mark A. Raymond, Hector Andres Porras Soto, Kevin Karsch

Patent No. US9786253B2